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After an extended six-year wait, the MCU’s most famous team of misfits will be back in their latest solo outing with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 hitting theaters. This movie will set the Guardians on a mission to find the 2014 Variant of Gamora from Avengers: Endgame while they face off against Chukwudi Iwuji’s terrifying new villain, the High Evolutionary.

face off against 对峙
extended six-year 延长六年
team of misfits 格格不入的团队
solo outing 独自出游
hitting theaters 上演

While the MCU took center stage once again in 2022 with three movies, three Disney+ series and Marvel Studios’ first two Special Presentations, the red brand brought new material from all corners of entertainment over the past twelve months. Even moving past low moments like Sony Pictures’ Morbius, incredible success came with Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and Werewolf by Night, amongst others, setting the stage for another incredible year of Marvel content.

took center stage 占据了中心舞台
another incredible year 又是不可思议的一年

Despite critics calling out franchise fatigue, there’s no rest for wicked (we’re looking at you, Agatha Harkness), thanks to a packed slate adding even more movies and shows to an already bulging roster. Beyond Disney’s projects, let’s not forget that Sony’s Spider-Man Universe is also poised for a bumper year. If you’re ready, here’s every Marvel project coming in 2023.

critics 批评者
calling out 声称
franchise fatigue 特许经营疲劳 (我不知道什么意思)
no rest for wicked 恶人不得安息
Agatha Harkness 阿加莎·哈克尼斯 (我不知道是谁)
a packed slate 一个包装好的石板 (应该是一堆消息的意思 slate是预言板)

a bumper year. 丰收之年
bulging roster 膨胀的花名册

“We took notice of the absurd statements of State Department Spokesperson Ned Price, who had accused our country of ‘forced transfer and deportation of Ukrainian children’ to the territory of the Russian Federation,” the embassy said in a statement on Telegram.
“Russia accepted children who had been forced to flee with their families from the shelling and atrocities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. We do our best to keep minors in families, and in case of absence or death of parents and relatives – to transfer orphans under guardianship. We ensure the protection of their lives and well-being.”

took notice of 注意到了
absurd statements 荒谬的言论
had accused our country 指责我们的国家
forced transfer and deportation 强制转移和驱逐出境
Russian Federation 俄罗斯联邦
embassy 大使馆
flee from the shelling 逃离炮击
transfer orphans under guardianship 转移监护孤儿
lives and well-being.生活和幸福

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